Can I buy online?

We don't currently offer this service, but in the future we will! For now, use the website as a way to browse our range of furniture and beds and pick out your favourites. Then head to your local store and make your purchase there!

I have a problem with my goods, what is the best way to go about addressing this?

Please refer to our Returns Policy for specific details about our procedures for dealing with damaged goods. The best way to get results is to contact the store where you purchased your goods from. Legitimate warranted claims can be expedited by providing photos of the problem (where applicable) and you will need to provide your original receipt.

When can I expect my delivery?

All of our stores manage their own deliveries, so if you need to know when an item is due, just get in touch with them direct! 

What are your lay-by terms?

You can find our Lay-by Terms and Conditions here.

Do you buy second hand furniture or accept trade-ins?

The short answer is sorry, no!

What sort of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card, Q Card, GEM Visa, Finance Now, WINZ and Lay-by.

Do you ship items to the South Island?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship items to the South Island at this stage.

Why does Furniture Zone only sell Bed Rumours beds?

Bed Rumours is the Furniture Zone parent company and for over 25 years Bed Rumours has been supplying a number of other retailers with its beds. Furniture Zone was created in order to be the official retailer for supplying Bed Rumours products and furniture. This works out well for you as a consumer, as our beds are on average about half the price of our competitors’ models!

Why are your beds so much cheaper than everywhere else? 

Our business is based on a mixture of both local manufacturing and importing. Quite simply, our products go from our warehouse to our stores. This means minimal overheads and allows us to sell our goods at a lower price!